About Us

Urban Farm Systems and Technologies

In line with reducing carbon emission, Urban Farming strives to raise the interest of agriculture across the surrounding urban habitat. It is not only an effort to bridge the gap to agriculture but also remains as an initiative to vegetate the environs.

We at URBAN FARM promote the flagship technologies, HYDROPONICS and AQUAPONICS – a smart way of sustainable cultivation which doesn’t require soil; thus it aims to increase the excellence of Urban Farming at rooftops and indoors. Urban Farming helps to revamp the elapsed agriculture and increase our quality of living by nurturing this smart way of cultivation.

HYDROPONICS and AQUAPONICS remains the most preferable way of present smart cultivation across the globe; therefore it perfectly suits to pursue our passion for farming in our busy lives.

This novel technology will shine with its urban farming potential and we promise to serve our nation to achieve a healthy future.