The Pet Bharo Project-Solving Poverty and Hunger in India through Simplified Hydroponics

Introduction of Simplified Hydroponics Technology to reduce vulnerability and improve the food security of marginalized communities in India with special reference to the poor and weaker sections of India.

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Thinking of Trying Hydroponics? Then Start with Coco Coir!

Coco coir is an amazing, exciting and easy to use renewable growing medium. It's easy to work with and is perhaps the best stepping stone for soil growers who want to take their first steps with hydroponics. 

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Sustainable farming solutions in countries with arid climates such as India have caused an increased interest in hydroponic farms, which are farms that practice growing plants without soil in a nutrient rich water solution. Furthermore, because of its economic feasibility and ability to serve as a possible solution to India’s dwindling availability of fertile soil or clean and surplus water, this practice of agriculture resolves many of the issues that challenge year-round growing. Combined with drought conditions and the vagaries of global warming, Indian agriculturalists are fighting a drastic reduction in the availability of locally grown food for India's large population.

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Why More Growers are Switching to Fabric Pots

Container gardening is not a new concept, but the types of containers that offer the ability to produce unprecedented amounts of food are indeed revolutionary.

In days of old, as in less than a century ago, people relied on small-scale farms and gardens to grow the food they needed to feed their families. It was commonplace for each household to have a veggie plot on their land.

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Soil vs. Hydroponics: What Method Grows the Best Plants?

As more of our food and herbs are grown through various hydroponic techniques, the question of which is better: soil vs. hydroponics, comes up a lot. More specifically, everyone wants to know which method efficiently produces the healthiest plants that feature the best flavor and nutrients. Let's get into it.

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